William John Bishop is classically trained as a cellist and double bassist, learning acoustic guitar as a teenager.  Influences include Laura Marling, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. Will writes on guitar and piano. 

His performances have been used as part of the degree courses at The University of York department of film, media and television. 

William Bishop has a simple acoustic approach to his music, and his sound is somewhere between Bob Dylan and Tom Waits.  His vibe is melancholy while his vocals are strong, capturing the mood of his lyrical content while his hands slide up and down the neck of his acoustic guitar, bringing it and his music to life.  These songs demand your full attention to catch all the nuances of his words and music, but the payoff is rich indeed.  Put this one on when you have the time to truly listen, and you’ll walk away a better person. 

There is a melancholy about his songs and delivery. I’ll avoid the obvious references. There’s a harsh honesty about his lyrics - the simplistic sound enhances the depth of the story. 

His new album is to be released later on this year and William is currently touring in the UK. 

'Powerful delivery of lyrics. Abstract but in a good way. The songs 
lyrics were deep.’ 
- Eric McLellan (Warner Brothers Records)